Program mission & objectives


To create relationships between the farming community and individual NZDA members, which will provide ongoing benefits to all parties.


To enable farmers to concentrate on maximising the profitability and sustainability of their enterprises by allowing ethical and responsible hunters the opportunity to assist with wildlife management.


  • To develop relationships between the farming community, the NZDA and its members.
  • To provide assistance to farmers by undertaking wildlife management activities.
  • To allow farmers to control access on their properties using a secure reportable site
  • To increase the awareness of city-based NZDA members to life on the land.
  • To increase NZDA member opportunities to hunt on private property.
  • To increase public perception that hunting is one of many practical tools available for use in  wildlife management.
  • To reduce the impact of overabundant  wildlife on both farmland and the New Zealand natural landscape, while helping to increase profitability and biodiversity.
  • To provide opportunities to gather data that may be valuable in assisting with future wildlife management and population control programs.


Key Features

  • Creation of the NZDA Farmer Assist jobs board.
  • NZDA members are covered under NZDA National’s $10 million Public Liability Policy.
  • Commitment to safety, animal welfare and ethical hunting.
  • Collection of meaningful data and stakeholder feedback.
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