What is the NZDA Farmer Assist program?

NZDA National has developed this program to enable our members to help farmers with wildlife management. It provides greater hunting opportunities for our members and helps farmers concentrate on other important activities on their properties.

As a farmer, what do I need to do to be part of the NZDA Farmer Assist program?

Firstly, you will need access to the internet and an email address to register. Once registered, you will need to login and create a job ad on the jobs board. From this point you need to monitor application and suspend the job once you have enough applicants to talk to. The Farmers Guides provide all the info you require to be able to use the online jobs board.

What is the practical shooting assessment that NZDA members need to complete to qualify?

The practical assessment task involves shooting the NZDA Farmer Assist Assessment Target and having it signed by a range officer at a NZDA range. The target can be shot with either a centrefire or rimfire rifle. Members will need to be able to group five shots within the central assessment area of the target.  Shotguns may be used, on the job,  if the Accredited Hunter deems it the best choice for the Pest being targeted, this shooting is not accessed.

Who has control of NZDA member's on my property?

You have sole responsibility for who you invite onto your property. You can change or withdraw permission of access at any time.

Is there any paperwork that I need to do before I ask for help?

The only requirement is for you to log into the Farmers Assist site and register your job.  Permitted shooting is only required if your property boundaries border DOC land, and those permits are the responsibility of the hunter.

How many NZDA members can I utilise for pest control work?

The program is designed to allow farmers access to a database full of NZDA members who are ready and eager to help. The number of members you can contact and discuss your needs with is entirely up to you. For example, if your property is a considerable distance from major population centres or large, you could enlist 12 individual members to each visit your property for a single week-long trip at different times during the year. This would allow you to schedule a different or ongoing control activity each month without having to rely on the availability of one member each time, while still getting the wildlife management capacity you need.

Will NZDA Farmer Assist cost me money?

No, the NZDA Farmer Assist program is a free, or no-cost service to farmers.

What do I do ?

Simply Register as a Farmer.  Once you receive the confirmation email create your "job" and wait for applications. You can now email directly the successful applicant/s and arrange a visit.  Brief the Hunter about boundaries and any hazards on your property and they are good to go.  Each new "job" create a new entry on the website and repeat the process.

I haven’t received a verification email after registering.

What should I do?First check your ‘junk mail’ folder. If it is not there, contact us to manually check and verify your account.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password or username?

Go to the NZDA Farmer Assist login page and click on the ‘Forgot your password’ link to reset your password. You then will receive an email allowing you to create a new password. Your Username is the email address you used to sign up for the program.

Why is NZDA Farmer Assist only set up as an online program?

NZDA National has developed the program to be run and managed through the online interface to keep the costs of the program to a minimum. This program is a free service that is an extra benefit of holding a NZDA membership. You will need access to the internet and have a current email address to be able to register and participate in this program.