Farmers assist.

For Farmers

Do you need some assistance with pest animals? NZDA Farmer Assist can help! We have hundreds of registered, qualified members ready and waiting to help. Members can provide a professional standard* at no fee.

Farmers can learn more about the Farmer Assist program by reading the Complete Program Booklet (available from the "Downloads" tab above) which provides insight into the mission, objectives and requirements of the NZDA Farmer Assist program. We suggest you take the time to read the contents of this booklet, as it explains the requirements for all parties, especially the ethical and legal obligations. You need to know your obligations in respect to regional laws etc in controlling animals identified as pests on your property.

Farmers may also view the Frequently asked questions for farmers. under the "ABOUT" tab

To assist with signing up or using the Farmer Assist interface, view the Farmers Quick Guide.

For further information or to discuss using this program on your property, please contact NZDA Farmer Assist Coordinator Ian Brabbs at FarmersAssist@outlook.com

*All registered NZDA Farmer Assist members have achieved a shooting skill competency and signed an ethics and standards agreement.

For NZDA Members


The NZDA Farmer Assist program is fully operational throughout New Zealand meaning both NZDA members and any farmers in the country can register and use the program. Interested NZDA members from those areas are invited to begin the easy four-step process to register for the program and start applying for jobs.

General Information

The release process was staggered to ensure we build a substantial resource base of qualified members who will be able to cover any farmer request. This is an essential part of the program that needs to be in place prior to external promotion and release to farmers groups. We only have one chance to impress farmers and we need to make sure we can provide the service we are promoting to make the program a success. That’s why it may take some time to move from the member registration stage to the fully operational stage in your region.

We anticipate that it will take time to build trust in the program within the farming community and therefore the uptake will be slow at first. We ask for your patience and understanding with this. We are committed to the long-term success of the program and promotion will be ongoing. We will notify you via email when farmers begin to post jobs in your region. Don’t let a slow start get you concerned - this program will continue to build over time.

Four-step process to get involved

1) Members must read the Complete Program Booklet and commit to obey to the program’s safety, animal welfare and ethical hunting requirements. (available from the "Downloads" tab above)

2) Members who are not currently part of a NZDA Farmers Assist program must attend a NZDA range and undertake the self-guided shooting competency assessment using the approved NZDA Farmer Assist Assessment Target.

3) Go to the sign-up form, enter the necessary details and complete registration, including registration fee of $10 to Westpac 03-1599-0112758-000.

4) Respond to the system-generated email from NZDA Farmer Assist as directed to verify your account. This will allow you to login to the Farmer Assist jobs page and begin investigating the jobs board and be ready to reply to jobs.